Symbiosis punk in rhizome laboratories

PUAJ! Open laboratory of live cultures

PUAJ! is an open laboratory that emerges from the Hangar Fermentation Group, giving continuity to a place of meeting, exchange, research and activation of living processes and symbiosis with non-human species in a context of experimentation and free transfer of knowledge, creating and strengthening links with other projects

We propose open sessions, where we get involved in living processes, with all the senses, at a visceral level. Understanding the body as an agent of change, a place of symbiosis, production of knowledge and part of an infinite network of social and ecological relations. Being aware of the resources on which we depend and of our responsibility for the environments we co-habit, reducing damage in times of climate crisis.

We want to explore the meaning of care on a planet much more than human, recovering and sharing flavors and knowledge, questioning the cultural limit of what is considered rotten, food, medicine and poison. Touching organisms of different species in the same place and at the same time, being smell and intuition, overflowing, being rhizome.


PUAJ! communicates through a mailing list: fermentacio@llistes.hangar.org

+ More info about projects in the spanish version

Contact sonia(at)du-da.net

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