Cooking together is a party

Pan duro recuperates food and gives it a new, communal and festive use. Through activations in different spaces and connecting different practices and situated agents, it explores systems of knowledge transmission, collective rituals, occupations or activations in public space, more than human affection archives, ways of feeding and caring for ourselves, sustainable uses of bread.

We are interested in relating it to Pan de rana through field research processes around projects that work from agroecology, food, memory, celebration or other topics related to Pan duro. At the end of a visit/research itinerary, Pan duro is activated through open sessions for cooking and eating together.

Pan duro aims to connect through cooking: open dialogue, create a common space where to share knowledge and flavors, emotions, affections and food. We aspire to generate a network and memory of social and ecological relations in relation to living processes – the fermentation of bread, its recovery, the cultivation of the land, the knowledge of the processes of preparation of the ingredients in relation to the territory, the shared food in the public space, the transmission of learning in a non-directed, spontaneous way, through celebration practices. We are motivated to generate significant intergenerational connections: processes of collective care, of valuing the diversity of trajectories, of explaining the affections, of the common. We understand and give great importance to the political character of the project -ecofeminist, linked to self-management, to the collective responsibility of the care of life and to the dynamization of common immaterial patrimonies. We want to cook together, looking at each other’s hands.

We have worked in urban and rural contexts, finding it fundamental to make explicit the links between both spheres and the food technologies that intervene in our activations, and to propose new links between agents that participate in the cultural context – in the fullest sense of the term “culture”. We document and generate narratives and texts around the various actions developed in Pan de rana. We also investigate and experiment, in the first person, on proposals and speculations about work, precariousness, price, alternatives, the productive and the reproductive, the private and the public, the anti-economy.

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