Pan de rana, anti-archive(?) for the now

The notion of archive is rugged and conflictive because of its colonial connotations. The archives have historically been linked to the institutions of power: the Catholic Church, the Monarchies, and the Democratic States. Archives have served as tools to perpetuate these powers through the speeches of truth they produce.

In this sense, Pan de rana is a counter-archive. A set of experiences and knowledge, contemplated in a subjective way, in order to divulge other forms of co-habit, other visions of the world that question hegemonic powers. Pan de rana is also a network of affections and exchange of knowledge. Our work methodology does not aim to extract information but to provoke exchanges. The counter-archive is a journey through people, beings, projects, enigmas, and landscapes that are printed and represented horizontally as a flow of clean water in the frog bread (in spanish, pan de rana). The main interest of the counter-archive is to LIVE these people, beings, projects, enigmas, and landscapes and to be able to share their knowledge in open source.

We are currently working on Pan de rana as a discussion and exploration process that is present in a transversal way in our other projects. We also prepare some specific projects that investigate some of the issues raised by the idea of anti-archives.

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