La Segunda Duna

Deep in the woods, a caravan with everything you need. La Segunda Duna is also a community, a family that chops firewood, cooks and walks in search of treasures. It’s a garden and a lot of wild herbs. Here inevitably emerges the unique beauty of your world view.

La Segunda Duna might question your comfort standards. We don’t use tap water for drinking or cooking, instead we have to go to a fountain and collect non-chlorinated water, we always boil it, it boils in the gas cooker, the butane bottles are heavy and run out quickly, you need a lot of wood to keep the fire going and there are no containers to put the rubbish in. The road that leads here is a track of dirt and stones that most cars cannot climb. To go to the nearest town you have to walk forty minutes. Here everything goes more slowly and it is inevitable to be aware of the connections/relationships, the resources we depend on and our responsibility for the environments we co-inhabit.

In this small community we cook vegetarian food, we understand cooking as a political, social and relational place. We have four kombucha and water and milk kefir. We ferment lemons, kimchi, buckwheat bread and almond cheese. With the remains and skins of the vegetables we make broth, when we filter the broth, we compose the solid part. Our worms transform the remains into humus and that nutrient-rich soil is what we use to grow the vegetables.

We want you to show us what you find here.

+ More info about residents in the spanish version

For a stay at la Segunda Duna > clara(at)du-da.net