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DU-DA is a collective focused on mediation, research, and artistic production currently formed by Sarai Cumplido y Clara Piazuelo, co-funded in 2019 with Belen Soto and Sonia G. Villar. . All of our projects incorporate a relational aspect, initiate collective processes, and frequently align with sensibilities that also critique hegemonic power structures. We ask ourselves questions about our modes of cohabitation in order to imagine alternative potential present-futures.

We have several ongoing projects: Morir guay, a research about death and dying; Pan Duro, where cooking together is a party; Puaj!, an open laboratory of live cultures; La Segunda Duna, a caravan for stays in the forest; Hera, a circular learning program; Médiums, explorations about the invisible; Marti Culiz, the publisher of spontaneous editions and, last but not least, Puntería y Cariño.

We have recently received CREA 2023 grant for I eat the stars, BKFMACBA 2022 grant for El último aliento, Barcelona Producció 2021 grant for “Morir guay: Rituales de Transición“, the UNZIP grant in the Art and Education modality 2020 for “Mediums: a collective exploration of the invisible“, and the Escocesa 2020 research grant for “Morir Guay. Voces y relatos para no tener miedo“. We have also worked with cultural institutions such as the CCCB, La Casa Encendida, El Graner, Hangar, Centro LGTB, Can Felipa or the UPV / EHU University.